Teacher Form Assistance

To update and complete your teacher profile,after loging in click on "Teacher" on left and click "Settings" from the list.

Please note Fields marked with * are mandatory, Your profile will NOT be visible to students if any field is left blank.

Tab: General
  • Username:
Your profile's Unique name. 
(example John Doe = jdoe/ ijohndoe/johndoe36)
  • First Name:
Teacher’s Real First name
  • Last Name
Teacher’s Real last name
  • Gender
Male or Female
  • Phone
Please include Country code (do not add +)
This number will not be visible to students. It is for official management incase they need to  contact you.
  • Introduction Video Link
To get better response, Teachers can add their video introduction. To add video please upload the video on YouTube and Copy Paste the complete link here on the website. 
  • Country
Select Your Country 
  • Time Zone
your time zone (Pakistani residents’ time zone is +5)
  • Booking Before (Immediate, 12 hours & 24 hours)
That means how soon can a student book a class with tutor. For example, if its 12:30 AM, for that immediate means the student can pay and take class right away, 12 or 24 hours means that they can take class after 12 hours or 24 hours so teacher will be notified in advance.
  • Biography:
Few lines about yourself and your teaching experience.
Please click on section "English” on top of the tab and paste biography in this section as well.

Tab: Availability & Weekly Schedule
This tab is to add your availability to take the courses. Students can book a lesson based on the days and time you have selected.
  • Teachers can select 30 mins slot. Click on your desired day and time to select it. It will be highlighted once selected. To remove the selection, click on "X” next to time. 
  • Click "Save” to save your selection
  • Select "weekly schedule” if you want to be available only for selected week.
Tab: Price:
Check "Enable Trial Lesson” if you want to provide a Free trail lessons. One student will be eligible for only one free trial lesson if you enable this option.
Single Lesson Rates:
These rates will be available if student books only one lesson.

Bulk Lesson Rates:
These are discounted rates if Student books more than one lessons.
These rates must be cheaper than "Single Lesson Rates” 
Please note all prices must be saved in US Dollars.

Tab: Experience:
Teachers can build their resume by adding Education/Work experience. To add Experience, click "Add New” or add one of their own. 

Tab: Skills
You can Choose your skills in this tab including : Accents, Teaching levels, student’s age and lessons type.
This tab is for adding all courses you are willing to teach. And the languages you can teach in.
Please note Any subjects you choose must be relevant to your experience or education. Otherwise your application will not be approved.

Tab: Payments:
This section is for Withdrawal of your funds. 
Paypal is only available for International teachers and will be paid in USD.
Bank Account: this is only valid for Pakistani Residents accounts in PKR.

Please note for Pakistani teachers all withdrawals will be in PKR.
Learnege charges 25% of the lesson as their standard fees.