Why Teach on Learnege?

Earn money

Set your own hourly rates and cash out your earnings anytime.

Work anywhere

Teach from home or any other convenient location of your choice.

Teach anytime

Adjust your personal availability anytime on your calendar.

Safety and security

Ensures that you get paid after you teach!


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you please elaborate your work?

Learnege is an online platform for Teachers to find students and conduct classes. You can earn by sharing your knowledge from the comfort of your home. You also may choose your desired timings and fee.

What do we do after registration?

Depending on the information provided you may be contacted by our staff for verification

When will we start earning?

As soon as the student confirms the lesson, you are credited with the amount of money they should pay based on the duration of the lesson and the hourly rate.

Can you please share a WhatsApp number for teachers to contact?

You can email us your queries at teacher@learnege.com

What will be the teaching technique?

Classes will be conducted online. Teacher has to provide all the material for the classes. Virtual classroom and teaching tools will be provided by learnege.

Is it important to upload a youtube video?

It is always recommended to upload a short intro, students feel more comfortable after watching videos

Is uploading a picture necessary?

It is not necessary but it is always recommended to upload a profile picture

How can we join your institution?

Register online by clicking on "become a tutor”

Can we join from other countries or cities?

Yes, the website is available for teachers around the globe, with multi currency option

When is the last date for registration?

There is no last date of registration

What is the registration fees for teachers?

At the moment registration is completely free for Teachers and Students.

What are the tips for quick profile approval?

Profiles may not get approved at the first attempt. This happens if the profile photo, video or description doesn’t meet our requirements. Make sure you use your real picture and take the time to record a video introduction. Follow the recommendations given at each step of the registration process.

Be sure to avoid placing any contact details or misleading information on your profile. You will be asked to remove this information from your profile, which will slow down the approval process.

Where do I teach?

You can teach from anywhere in the world. To teach you need is a stable internet connection, a microphone and a webcam. Lessons on Learnege are conducted through our own classroom platform

How do I communicate with students?

Tutors and students use our messenger to communicate with each other.

Is it free to register?

Yes, it is free to register, set up your calendar with your availability and be listed on Learnege. We only charge a commission when lessons are provided on Learnege.

How much will I earn?

Your earnings depend on the hourly rate you set in your profile, how often you can provide lessons and how many students continue learning with you after the trial lesson. If you have wide availability and your profile is appealing to students, they are likely to book more lessons and, as a result, you will earn more

How do I get paid?

After the student confirms the lesson, you are credited with the amount of money they should pay based on the duration of the lesson and the hourly rate. Money is kept in your Learnege wallet and you can withdraw it via Paypal,(international teachers) or Bank deposit (Pakistani teachers).

What is Free Trial?

Teacher can offer a Free trial to students, One student can take only one class from same teacher. Do not check the option if you do not want to offer free session..

How would I know my upcoming classes and how can I launch the class?

Please visit https://learnege.com/class-tutorial for help..

How should I end session?

Visit https://learnege.com/class-tutorial for class tutorials. It is always recommended to have student end session. It helps management incase of disputes..

I forgot to attach certificates/work experience; can I make changes?

Education certificates and/or work experience is necessary. No changes can be made once application is submitted for review.

What are the requirements for all videos:

• You should appear in the video. Students want to know who their teacher is and It's important to represent yourself to students. • Video should be short between 1 to 3 min. • Do not provide your personal contact information including websites, or your application will be declined. • Do Not advertise or promote other services in your video.

How to make Script for Video

1. Who are you Introduce yourself. What is your name, and what languages do you speak? If you have credentials, work experience, or other interesting backgrounds, feel free to share that. 2. What are your lessons like? What do you enjoy about teaching, do you have a preferred method, and what is your attitude towards teaching? You might include specific details about the activities you do during lessons, show materials you are going to use. 3. Some other tips • Keep it short: Make it short 1-3 min • Be natural: Do not read directly from a paper. Look into the camera, as you are speaking directly to your student. • Speak in all languages you mentioned in profile – Switch from one language to other as you speak. • Mention Learnege: It will help your students to find you on learnege. • Free Trial: If you are offering free trial do not forget to mention it in the video.

What are Profile Photo Requirements?

• Your profile picture will be visible in circular.. • Your photo must be eligible for professional teaching profile. • Your Application can be declined just because of profile photo so make sure to have a good picture. • Do not use pictures that contain other people. • Do not wear sunglasses. Your face must be clearly visible. • Do not use pictures that you are too small to be seen clearly. • Do not use picture that is showing your face too close • Do not use blurry pictures. • Do not use pictures that have commercial logos. • Do not use pictures that display personal contact information.