How to make Script for Video

Try to me creative and short while making your video. Explain why the student should learn from you. Following tips can help you creating video: ( 1 ) Who are you Introduce yourself. What is your name, and what languages do you speak? If you have credentials, work experience, or other interesting backgrounds, feel free to share that. ( 2 ) What are your lessons like? What do you enjoy about teaching, do you have a preferred method, and what is your attitude towards teaching? You might include specific details about the activities you do during lessons, show materials you are going to use. ( 3 ) Some other tips ( 3.1 ) Keep it short: Make it short 1-3 min ( 3.2 ) Be natural: Do not read directly from a paper. Look into the camera, as you are speaking directly to your student. ( 3.3 ) Speak in all languages you mentioned in profile – Switch from one language to other as you speak. ( 3.4 ) Mention Learnege: It will help your students to find you on learnege. ( 3.5 ) Free Trial: If you are offering free trial do not forget to mention it in the video.